Mountain Vista Estate

We are happy to inform purchasers that all the stormwater and wastewater drainage connections to the houses in Stage 1 have been fitted.

While we are preparing the building platforms for Stage 1, our awesome team have been busy carrying out Earthworks for Stage 2 and 3. Earthworks consist of removing topsoil in order to get to the required levels to build your homes. The detailed design from our landscape architect has been received and the proposed planting looks fabulous! A transformer is on its way to site which will later be connecting power to all of Mountain Vista Estate.

Due to high demand, Stage 3 MVE is now back on the market! We have a limited number of architecturally designed 1-bedroom apartments from $719,000 and 2-bedroom townhouses from $949,000. If you have a friend or a family member who would like to join this incredible community, talk to our sales team today.