Parry Terraces

The team at Parry Road have been making steady progress this month, all in the face of poor conditions. All of the blocks superstructure’s are now complete, and all PLT’s for the flooring and roofing have been successfully installed.

For the roofing, Block 3 has had all of its roof cladding successfully installed, with progress on Block 4’s installation ongoing and Block 5’s getting underway in the next few weeks.

Internally, Gib fixing has started in Blocks 1 and 2. Electrical and plumbing services were recently completed in Blocks 3 & 4, with Block 5’s currently underway.

Externally, both the external RAB board and Pro Clima membrane paper was successfully installed for Blocks 3 and 4. In the next few days, we will begin cladding work on Blocks 1 and 2.

This month also saw us successfully pour all driveways and footpaths, completing the last of the civil work.