Mountain Vista Estate

It has been a productive month on Mountain Vista Estate with Stage 1 having had the main road and carpark poured. This increases efficiency on the remaining build as well as keeps the site clean during construction.

The boxing team are forming and prepping the remaining foundations on Stage 1 requiring concrete pouring. This process involves the installation of steel bars, blocks of polystyrene installation and soil levelling. Building a strong and durable foundation for your home is important as it protects your home against seismic movement and moisture getting in.

2022-06-23 Project Updates-Mountain Vista Estate-17-57

Earthworks for Stage 3 are 90% complete and Building Consent for drainage has been approved by council. Drainage is a critical part of the design of your building as water can cause a lot of damage such as foundation issues, erosion, sinkholes, and more. Our team were very happy to receive Building Consent and begin to waterproof your home.

It is great to see our team working round the clock to bring these incredible homes and community to life.