Parry Terraces

A lot has happened on site at Walmsley Road, even if inclement weather kept us off the tools for a few days. In fact, we were recently able to open a new access-way onto the site, making the management of onsite logistics easier.

Several parts of the civil works are well underway, with good progress made on the site’s streetlights and driveways. The concrete for the carparks will be poured soon after.


Stage 2’s screw pile installation and civil works have also progressed since last month, and the installation of services like sewage, electrical, drainage and water.

Construction of the apartment block’s drainage system is now well underway, with stormwater and wastewater lines being the current focus for our teams. Along the boundary of the nearby stream, we’re planting an assortment of native flora, including hundreds of trees and various species of shrubbery, to help stabilise the bank with their roots as well as providing a lovely green reserve for residents to enjoy.

Artboard – 1

We’re also due to start installing the tanalised timber for the retaining wall where the road for the site and the apartment block meet.