Mountain Vista Estate

April has been another busy month on site at Mountain Vista Estate. Detailed specifics on exact activities are outlined below and you can discover a more in-depth progress of the project by watching the video.


Stage 1

• Block 1 – Retaining walls for this block are now complete. Scaffolding is underway so we can prep for this block's external cladding.

• Block 2 – First floor frames are almost completely installed.

• Block 3 – Window install underway.

• Block 4 – Second storey floor structure progressing.

• Block 5 – Roofing materials have now been delivered, and the window install is underway.

Stage 2

• Block 8 – Internal walls & structural support beams are progressing.

• Block 9 – Gutter install is progressing. Building wrap is complete.

• Block 3 – Scaffold to exterior envelope is underway. Services are progressing with their first fix. Roof PLT's have been lifted into place.

• Block 11 – Roof PLT lift complete. Eco-ply and RAB board install continuing.

• Block 12 – Screw Piles works on-going.


Stage 3

• As per last month’s correspondence, it was projected that significant progress on stage 3 of the development would be limited until the completion of stages 1 and 2. However, we are pleased to report that we are still progressing with the foundation preparation for the apartment building.