Empowering Property Ownership - Mountain Vista Estate: A Case Study

In the world of real estate, the idea of owning a property can often seem like an elusive dream for many. However, at DUVAL Property Group, we believe that with determination, strategic planning, and the right support, almost anyone can find a way to step into the property market. Let's explore a real-life case study that exemplifies this belief through our property development at Mountain Vista Estate in Mangere, Auckland.


Case Study: Mountain Vista Estate Property


At Mountain Vista Estate, a newly built two-bedroom, one-bathroom furnished townhouse priced at $660,000 became the gateway to homeownership for a single male in his late 30s with an annual salary of $110,000. Let's delve deeper into the details of this success story:

  • Purchase Information:
    • Deposit: 10% ($50,000 from KiwiSaver + $16,000 from savings)
    • Bank Lending: 90% with ASB Bank at 6.6% interest
    • Settlement Date: 5 June 2024
    • Weekly interest payment $753.92 (or $39,000 per annum)
  • Projected Costs Over the Next 24 Months:
    • Body Corp Fees: $3,000 per year
    • Rates: $1,200 per year
    • Insurance: Included in Body Corp Fees
  • Rental Income Projection:
    • Potential Rental Income: $630-$650 per week
  • Projected Capital Gains:
    • The Mangere area has been experiencing steady growth in property prices over the years. With the potential for continued development and infrastructure improvements in the region, capital gains for properties in Mangere are anticipated to increase in the coming years.

Analysis of the Investment Opportunity:

By choosing to live in the property or rent it out, the owner stands to benefit from potential capital gains as the property value appreciates. Additionally, with a projected gross annual rental income between $32,760 and $33,800, the property at Mountain Vista Estate presents a promising investment opportunity with a solid gross rental yield.


The case of the single male buyer at Mountain Vista Estate underscores the notion that property ownership is within reach for those willing to explore opportunities and make informed financial decisions. With the added benefit of potential capital gains in the thriving Mangere area, investing in properties like Mountain Vista Estate can provide long-term financial growth and stability.

At DUVAL, we are committed to supporting individuals on their journey towards property ownership and wealth building. Let us help you navigate the path to property investment and capitalise on the promising opportunities that await in the dynamic real estate market.

Disclaimer: Property investment involves risks and individuals are advised to seek professional financial advice tailored to their unique circumstances before making investment decisions. At DUVAL, we can assist with putting you in touch with qualified and experienced, independent professionals.