Te Awa Terraces

Welcome to our project update for Te Awa Terraces for 2024.

Progress with this development is proceeding smoothly with existing houses on the site having been successfully removed. With the site preparation undertaken, we are now deep in the throes of civil and earthworks to lay the property services and foundations ready for the upcoming construction phase

We are excited to share that our construction pre-start meetings commenced late last year, involving discussions with the council and contractors to ensure a seamless transition into the construction phase. Additionally, we have duly served notifications to neighbouring properties regarding the upcoming works to ensure transparency and cooperation within our community.


Our program is currently tracking on times which indicates that settlements are projected for Q4 of this year, outlining our commitment to delivering your future home within the outlined timeline.

The next steps are for the road to be prepared and concrete pads to go down ready for frames to come in, so keep your eyes peeled for our next update!


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