Using Equity

Having free equity in a property can open up new investment opportunities.

What is equity?

It is the value of the property, less the amount of loan you have against the property. If you have enough equity, you may be able to use this money to help you purchase an additional property or properties.


So how do I use my equity?

There’s more than one way!

  • Refinancing: By refinancing (or increasing) your mortgage, you can use it as a deposit on your new property.
  • Home Equity Loan: You can use the equity in your property to take out a new loan.
  • Selling: If you sell a property with a lot of equity (close to being paid off), you could use the proceeds as a deposit on a new property.

It pays to
do research.

We recommend you meet with an independent mortgage advisor before restructuring loans. They can discuss the benefits and risks associated.

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