Mountain Vista Estate

Congratulations to all our recent buyers that bought into
Mountain Vista Estate just in time! All remaining units have been taken off the market with a re-release planned later in the year.

Construction is moving at a rapid pace with the retaining wall and fence for the western boundary currently being installed. As you can see in our latest video, earthworks are progressing well on site. The drainage works are underway and the first pipes have been fitted. The platforms for the first few blocks have been established and they are now ready for concrete pouring.

Our fibre installation and power lines will be installed this month and the transformer to power this new neighbourhood is on its way. The detailed design from our landscape architect has been received and the proposed planting looks fabulous! The final design for the communal space and apartment block is advancing and we should be submitting Building Consent to Auckland Council next month. This space will be home to our onsite building manager, a community centre as well as Du Val Clubs.