Verge Apartments

Our construction team are making rapid progress on Verge Apartments. As you can see in the video above, the East Building basement carpark concrete has been poured and the backfilling around the basement is now complete. We are preparing to fit the rest of the steel for Level 1, install the flooring system and pour the concrete slab creating a durable floor for these high-quality homes.

Next month we will be installing the last of the rock anchors which will be used to stabilise the ground. Once the rock anchors are fitted this will mark the end of the groundwork around the East Building, and we can then concentrate on shooting the steel structure up to the roof. The concrete for the Building Level 0 carpark has been poured offering a safe space for homeowners’ cars.

The backfilling operations are now 85% complete offering better protection and increasing overall stability for these homes. Once this is finished our construction team will be able to install the concrete service shafts which will house the services lines for the building.