Mountain Vista Estate

Stage 1
• Block 1 - The foundation pads have been put in place, with the piles ready for posts and deck bearers. This is an important step that provides the necessary support for the building structure.
• Block 3 - The building wrap is now complete, while the facia is underway.
• Block 4 - The Hyspan beams have been installed, which are the structural timber beams.
• Block 5 - The building wrap is complete, which is a protective layer that helps to prevent moisture and air leaks into the building.
• Block 6 - New PLT’s which form the floors within the units, have been landed and are being installed.
• Block 7 - The facia is now complete, and the roof measure is also complete.

Stage 2
• Block 9 – Roof PLT’s installed, building paper applied, and the roof framing is underway. 1st fix electrical is complete on ground floor. 1st fix plumbing is underway on ground floor. Eco-ply & RAB installation is underway to façade.
• Block 10 – ready for the installation of the roof PLT’s. The first fix electrical work for the ground floor is now complete, and the first fix hydraulic work is currently underway on the ground floor.
• Block 11 – The construction team has completed the necessary preparations, and this block is ready for the installation of the first floor PLT’s.
• Block 12 – The construction team has installed the screw piles that form block 12’s foundational support.

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Stage 3
With regard to last month’s update the damage caused by the extreme weather events earlier this year has been fully addressed, and all flood damage to stage 3 has been remedied. Due to the current sequencing of our construction program, the next few months progress on this stage will be dedicated to preparing and completing the foundation of the apartment block as well as pouring the remaining section of road within stage 2. Other than the abovementioned works, we are not expecting to see much progress on stage 3 until the completion of stages 1 and 2.

• In April we will begin the installation of Rab board, ecoply, and the mid floors for Blocks 6 and 4.
• We will also complete the window installation within blocks 3, 5 and 7.
• Stage 2 the Service trades will continue throughout with first fix.

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