Verge Apartments

Crews have been battling some unusual weather over the last three weeks at Verge, forcing them to focus on other areas that were more weather-suitable. But with the weather looking to hopefully clear soon, we are looking forward to a big push before Christmas.

The final sections of block walls for this stage in the site have been completed and poured, forming the final shape of the transformer bay. This has also now been waterproofed, backfilled, and compacted, which creates a platform for the transformer installation to take place early in 2023.

Our previous target for this was late-November, but weather impacted the completion of block wall and concrete pours, forcing the delay.


Crews have completed nearly 90% of the re-designed balconies throughout the site, with Tray-Dec and Mesh following close behind. This has been another element affected by the recent weather, especially with high winds making it too dangerous to lift beams into place.

The last of the structural steel on the southern boundary after pouring the pedestals has now been stood, completing the superstructure for the East Building. We have also poured the in-situ wall for the West Building, meaning in early 2023, we will be able to pour the final slab on grade to stand the last of the West Building superstructure.

With weather affecting a lot of welding and superstructure work, we have instead focused on our final carpark that connects the two buildings together. We will be pouring that this side of Christmas, allowing teams to put up the full external scaffolding in the new year.