Mountain Vista Estate

Construction is moving fast on Mountain Vista Estate with all land preparation and earthworks complete for Stage 1. Our team are progressing rapidly and now have a stable surface to build your property on.

We have finished digging the service trenches for Stage 1, installed the under-slab plumbing connections and begun laying all the service lines for these units. Whether it is watching the television in your living room or keeping your house warm in the colder months, laying the electricity lines, fibre cables and plumbing connections is essential to making this neighbourhood an inviting place to come home to.


Our construction team are excited to have put up the scaffolding for Stage 1 as we can then fit the light steel framing which is where your home really begins to take shape. Excellent progress is also being made on Stage 2 and 3 of Mountain Vista Estate with the installation of stormwater and wastewater connections underway. Stormwater connections ensure that any rainwater that falls in the development flows to streams and wetlands as quickly as possible, protecting these homes from flooding.

It is great to see how much this incredible project is developing every month and we cannot wait to see the vision for Mountain Vista Estate come to life.