Mountain Vista Estate

We’re excited to share the latest developments on the Hillside project.

The East Block has made significant progress, with the first floor and second floor preparations complete, and ready for the infill concrete pour. The protective paint has been applied to steel adjustments. The steel cross member has been manufactured and installed in the stairwell.

The concrete pour for the tray-deck on the first and second floor of the West Block has been completed. In late January, construction of scaffolding and steel framing began.

The transformer base has also been completed and is ready for installation.

Civil work has begun on the slab grade excavations at the rear of the West building. The completed waterproofing has allowed for the boxing, re-mesh, and concreting to continue throughout February.

We will keep you updated as the Verge project continues to take shape. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Services Manager, Makayla Walters, [email protected].