Parry Terraces

With the festive season approaching, our teams on Parry Road are working hard to ensure a productive end to the year.

This month, we are proud to report that all Parry Terraces’ roofing is complete, with only minor flashing detail to be finished in the coming days.

The upper floor’s pine and cedar cladding is now in full swing, with Block 1 complete and Block 2 at 50%. The ground floor’s brick cladding on Block 1 is also underway, with other blocks to soon follow.

Block 2 and Block 3 are currently having the internal GIB wall and ceiling linings installed.

The first coat of internal paint is being applied to Block 1, while the external timber cladding is getting its last coat applied before the scaffold is dropped and we get a better look at these beautiful homes.

We expect to be lodging for titles in the next few weeks, and will be in touch with you shortly with an update on our progress towards settlement.