Verge Apartments

It’s been another month of progress for teams working on Verge Apartments, so let’s cover off what’s been accomplished.

The retaining wall foundations were recently completed throughout the site and the block wall’s construction is progressing rapidly. The largest section of block walls, completed as of mid-month, creates patios for the Ground Level apartments on the East Building.

The next section of block wall, which commenced in late November, will create the transformer bay for the site and will soon be ready for installation, allowing us to run power throughout the site.

Tray-Dec and Reinforcing have been progressing rapidly with installation currently up to Level 4 of both buildings. In conjunction with this, the steel work for installing the buildings  balconies is also taking place.

We’re rapidly approaching our concrete pour dates for Levels 1 through 4 across both buildings. The keystone wall between the East and West buildings is now 100% finished, allowing the topping slab for the East Building to have been completed, which will create future carparks for residents.

It’s been really good to see this progress occurring in the face of adverse weather conditions. With patches of high winds and heavy rain recently, we’ve been unable to use our crane – our safety policies mean it can’t be used in winds over 40 kmh.

Also, just a friendly reminder to those who are yet to respond to our Sunset Extension request to please do so soon. We thank you for your continued support on this development.