Parry Terraces

In the face of supply chain and logistical issues, we have still been able to begin work on installing roofing sheets, as well as having all fencing near completion. The roofing sheets guarantee that the roof structure stays solid, and your home is protected against pollutants, dust and all-weather conditions.

All extensive civil works have been finished, and our construction crew completed a large retention tank along the Parry Road driveway, which will be used to collect stormwater for use at a later date.

The brand-new vehicle crossing was also poured and approved by Auckland Transport, and our team are now prepping the last of the driveway to ensure we can pour concrete. The vehicle crossing will make sure we can provide safe access to all of Parry Terraces.

2022-06-23 Project Updates-Mountain Vista Estate-17-57

The first few blocks have also now been prepped, with INTELLO water vapour membrane being used, preventing moisture from seeping through the walls and ceilings, as well as guarding from corrosion and dampness.

With all wall and roof framing complete, as well as a general structure for the last few blocks, our team will soon begin fitting the PLT roof panels, which will contribute to excellent acoustic ratings.

Please note practical completion has been pushed out from October to December. This may mean settlement will occur in the new year.