Embrace Sustainable Living with DUVAL's Terraced Townhouses in Auckland's Brownfield Developments

Du Val Property Group are at the forefront of transforming Auckland's brownfield sites into thriving terraced townhouses. By prioritising these previously developed areas, DUVAL not only addresses the growing housing demand in Auckland but also champions sustainability and community rejuvenation. Discover the multitude of advantages of investing in a brownfield redevelopment in New Zealand’s most dynamic urban landscape.


The Advantages of Brownfield Developments by DUVAL


  1. Brownfield Sites and Sustainable Development: By developing terraced townhouses on Auckland's brownfield sites, DUVAL effectively utilises existing urban spaces, reducing the necessity to encroach on undeveloped, green lands. This approach aligns with environmental sustainability practices, appealing to eco-conscious home buyers and real estate investors in NZ.
  2. Enhancing Property Values in Auckland: Our developments contribute to elevating property prices Auckland-wide by transforming underutilised plots into premium real estate. Investing in a brownfield development means tapping into areas with potential for significant appreciation, a key consideration for savvy real estate investors and those scoping out houses for sale in NZ.
  3. Auckland Real Estate Market Trends: Keeping a pulse on the real estate market in Auckland ensures that each DUVAL project contributes positively and strategically to the local housing supply. We are well-versed in Auckland property prices, and by focusing on brownfield developments, we ensure our terraced townhouses are both a valuable and a sustainable investment.
  1. Mortgage Calculator NZ – A Useful Tool for Buyers: For those interested in purchasing one of our terraced townhouses, using tools like a mortgage calculator NZ can provide insights into affordability and financing options. This is especially beneficial for first home buyers in Auckland who are navigating the competitive real estate market.  We can then put you in touch with a top notch Mortgage Broker.
  2. Community Revitalisation and Open Homes in Auckland: Each project aims to revitalise communities, turning neglected areas into desirable living spaces. We encourage potential buyers to visit our open homes in Auckland to see the transformation firsthand, understand the local area, and envision life in one of our townhouses.
  3. Real Estate Agents (Property Advisors) in Auckland – Your Guide: Partnering with knowledgeable Property Advisors in Auckland, DUVAL ensures that every potential buyer receives expert advice and thorough information regarding their possible new home in our developments. Our team are experts in NZ real estate and are ready to assist with all inquiries.

Why Choose DUVAL Terraced Townhouses?


Choose DUVAL for an investment that transcends the typical. Our brownfield development projects not only provide beautiful homes but also contribute to the broader goal of sustainable urban development in Auckland. They're an optimal choice for those looking into houses for sale in NZ, appealing to both first home buyers and seasoned investors alike due to their strategic locations and potential for appreciation.

For those interested in the Auckland property market, visiting our open homes, or discussing options with our team, DUVAL offers a portfolio of properties that embody modern living and environmental stewardship.


We invite you to explore our latest terraced townhouse offerings here. Visit our website, contact our Property Advisors, or come see our properties in person. Invest in a sustainable future with DUVAL, where community development and environmental responsibility meet innovative real estate solutions.