Parry Terraces

During this month, significant progress has been made across multiple blocks of Parry Terraces. In Block 1, the external fencing posts are in place, and retaining walls are ready for the final touches on the patios. Additionally, downpipes have been connected, and brickwork is completed. Internally, door hardware installation and the remaining tiling work have been successfully finished.

In Block 2, the external fence posts and rails are in position, and the click-to-brick work is completed. Inside the units, high wall units have been installed, and most of the carpet installation is finished. Kitchen units are also completed, and HWC strapping has been installed. Similar progress can be seen in Blocks 3, 4, and 5, with various external and internal tasks nearing completion, such as brickwork, decking, driveway preparation, and garage door installations.

Block 1

• Externally fencing posts are in and retaining walls ready for patios to be finished off. Downpipes are connected. Brick works complete (click to brick), ORG’s completed.
• Block 1 internally door hardware completed remaining tiling completed, patching/defects completed.

Block 2

• Externally fence posts have been placed and rails. Click to brick completed brick works.
• Internally high wall units have been installed, passive fire completed, remainder of carpet install completed, kitchen units completed. HWC installed strapping.

Block 3

• Externally cut out and fill of GAP 65 outdoor living areas installed, Brick works completed (click to brick). All timber decks have been installed apart from balustrade. Install of strip drain completed and base prep completed and ready for concrete pour to driveways and foot paths leading into the units.
• Internally passive fire remedial completed, high wall units install complete, mid floor timber flooring completed, floor prep for carpets completed, kitchen units finished tomorrow throughout. Garage doors installed.


Block 4

• Externally footpaths and driveway prepped and formwork in place, ready for concrete pour. Down pipes installed. Cut and export excess materials for patio areas completed. Click to brick completed brick works apart from 1 wing-wall.
• Internals painting throughout all units completed, all units have ceramic tiles apart from 2 units, garage doors installed, unit 17 has been installed with kitchen. Second fix throughout all units have been completed apart from the kitchen cabinetry (electrical).

Block 5

• Externally installed 95% of the balconies and wing-walls, painting externally completed.
• Internally painting finished, garage doors completed, excavating driveways and footpaths into entry underway.


• All street lighting and bollards have been installed throughout the complex.