Sunnyvale Terraces

We are pleased to share with you the latest update on the progress of the Sunnyvale Terraces project for the first quarter of 2024.

  • Legal notices were served to expedite the removal of existing houses, and we are delighted to announce that all contracted dwellings have been successfully removed from the site.
  • The site now stands clear and ready for the commencement of main works, marking an exciting phase in the project’s progression.
  • Collaborating with an asbestos surveyor, we conducted a comprehensive site investigation, ensuring any identified asbestos is safely removed and disposed of at a designated tip site before construction activities commence.
  • Early works engagement and the main contract for civil and earthworks have been finalised with Matland, who are now establishing themselves on site and poised to commence works.
  • The vertical construction tender package has been distributed, and we have begun receiving tenders. We are diligently reviewing these submissions with the aim of awarding the work within the next one to two weeks.
  • With the completion of much of the preparatory “behind the scenes” work, we anticipate a surge of activity on site in the coming months as construction ramps up. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the development come to life with the presence of numerous busy workers.
  • We are excited to announce that 26% of the properties in the development have already been sold, indicating strong market interest and demand.
  • We are committed to closely monitoring progress and will provide a more precise timeline update in our upcoming communications to ensure transparency and clarity for all stakeholders.

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