Verge Apartments

April has been another busy month on site at Verge Apartments. Lots of concrete preperation and pouring activities have been carried out. As of now, level 4 of the East building is ready for its concrete pour, while the tray-deck and pour for Level 4 of the West building have been completed.

For more information on the specific actions and updates please refer to the video and the summary below. We are still on track with settlement for Verge Apartments in November 2023.


• Installed the floor to roof scaffold on the West building.
• The tray-deck install, and subsequent concrete pour completed for the 4th floor within the West building.
• Completed com-floor preparation for the 4th level of the East building.
• Installed loading drawers to floors 1 and 2 East building.

• The production of the windows for both buildings have commenced & the production of Alucolux facade panels to both buildings.
• The com-floors will be completed and the roof structure is now underway.