Verge Apartments

It brings us great pleasure to provide you with the latest updates on our Verge Apartments project. Our team has been diligently working to bring this vision to life, and we are excited to share the significant progress we’ve made.

From the successful installation of the plumbing system to the ongoing pre-wiring and advanced weather line installations, we have reached important milestones. The internal studs are now in place, and the roofing is fully installed.

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East Building

• Construction of block wall in the West Building elevation has been completed.
• Roof diamondtek sheeting installation has been completed.
• Internal steel framing on level 2 of the East Building has been completed.
• Penetrations through ComFlor in the East Building have been completed.

• Installation of additional steelwork to the lift shaft has been completed.
• The installation of RAB weather-line and proclima paper is now ongoing with installation progressing from the top-down.
• The completion of external intumescent paint to all floors is ongoing.
• The pouring of topping slabs to falls for all balconies is nearing completion.

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West Building

• Installation of internal steel framing is ongoing with the demark of all apartments underway.
• Ongoing installation of Airmaster mechanical equipment on Level 4.
• The installation of the roof structure on Level 4 has been completed.
• The pouring of balcony topping slabs to falls is nearing completion.
• Ongoing installation of waterproof membrane to balconies.
• The block retaining wall has been completed.

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